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Mobile application development is basically a term used to define the set of processes and procedures in creating mobile application that can run on various tablets or mobile platforms.

Daily, numerous game applications are being developed, this is considered one of the greatest profit source of funds for most entrepreneurs right now. Various companies decided to develop their own mobile app to enhance the experience of their employees in terms of communication and corporate processes.

Due to the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, many mobile app developers are creating various software intended to take advantage of the unique features and hardware of mobile devices. Mobile applications showcase a huge amount of data that are readily available for customers. Its versatility is also being utilized by the users to their advantage in several aspects.

Megapix has a pool of creative and technically inclined in-house iOS and android developers that will surely do the job for you. If you are still thinking of when to start developing a mobile and game app, today is that very moment. Let us help you carry the burden of conceptualizing and brainstorming every bit of it. We will assist you throughout the process and will make sure that everything will proceed as planned.

What can a mobile application do for your business?
According to the UAE Internet Social and Mobile Statistics for 2015, UAE has recorded a tremendous growth in internet and mobile usage in the past years. Through the 9.58 Million totals, 7.27 million are mobile internet users. 44% of the population uses internet on laptops and desktops, 50% on mobile phones and 6% on tablets.

Moreover, the entire Middle East and North Africa Region has recorded a large of 10% of the global app traffic with respondents downloaded more than 5 mobile apps. According to the survey conducted by Go-Gulf, 51% of the respondents UAE has downloaded more than 5 mobile apps, followed by Egypt with 47% and Lebanon with 41%. According to the respondents, the 3 main app categories they download are games, social media, and music.

Creating a mobile application for your business imposes a lot of benefits, it is considered the most strategic advantage you can get against your competitors, since smartphone usage is very rampant right now, it is likely to generate more return on investment for your business. Through integrating a mobile application, you will be able to present the entire company’s portfolio as far as products and services presentation is concerned. Come to think of it, if you allow your company to acquire a mobile app, you subject yourselves in providing your target market to get to know your business more to a higher level. Portable mobile applications will certainly help as a catalyst towards accomplishing the frame your business requirements.

Mobile apps are the great way to reach out potential customers. You can enhance the experience of your customers by building the best mobile app. Some of the benefits of a mobile app are:

A social platform. Mobile applications can be designed to be interactive. Creating an app that fosters photo-sharing or builds communication through its customers allows your business to gain insight on various relevant feedback that the mobile application would have from its users. Nowadays, users are becoming a lot more domineering, they like to always be in control of everything especially online a company must always learn to innovate and be flexible on what users want.

Better sales and service. Mobile applications make it simpler to navigate sales with the prospective customers. This implies that shoppers have more choices to settle on educated purchasing choices. Through the mobile app, customers can easily get access to all your products and services wherever they may be. When you build a mobile application, it gives you a simple approach to show your items or administrations to your current and forthcoming clients. Every time they need to buy something, they can essentially utilize it as a one-stop point to get all the data they require.