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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of improving your website ranking. This is done for your website to appear in the top positions in the non-paid or organic search results of the biggest search engine giants. SEO includes both the technical as well as the creative elements of a web page, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Once the website has been established, the next thing you need to deal with is how to gain online traffic towards your website. Every website must be visually attractive enough to get the attention of all prospective clients. A side from that, it must be present in most of the actives searches on the net, these are the key role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO plays a crucial role in helping businesses achieve their Marketing objectives. While there are several advantages of SEO, let us streamline for the top 3, which is as follows:

ROI. One of the good thing about performing SEO strategy is its ability to provide quantifiable analytics on various aspects of the campaign. It tracks traffic, clicks, and even lead and conversions which lead to Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you have an eCommerce or a non-eCommerce website, you can still measure the progress of your site through various measurable metrics and insights.

Usability. Every website must always imbibe the aspect of being user-friendly, every user must easily figure out how to navigate a website. Through SEO, more website is focusing on User Experience as it is one of the bases for google ranking. SEO also at some point rearranges the links of a website which makes it navigable for users.

Brand Awareness. SEO entails hard work, this is a continuous process to be able to stay on the top rank of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Once the page reached the top position, subsequently, it will also increase its impressions, more users will likely click the page first as compared to those in the lower ranks. With the proper use of keywords, a website can organically be visible on the web always.

So, now the question is, how can SEO help your business grow? Aside from the obvious benefits of SEO, every business is advised to embrace SEO as part of their marketing strategy primarily because the technique itself has already been proven time and again to be very effective and cost-efficient. Compare to other forms of digital marketing like PPC and SMM, not only SEO provides a good ROI result, it is also requiring less amount of funds.

Moreover, most of the consumers are checking every product or services online first before going to the actual purchase. They mainly check the reviews or any valid information that they can get online. If your business is not present online through organic SEO approach, chances are, your business will not be present to those who need it.

Search Engine Optimization depends primarily on the competitiveness, relevance, and popularity of the keywords they contain. Through careful research on the best keywords to use, you will have the chance to understand the online behavioral patterns of your target audience.

Keyword research can help predict demand and respond to changing market conditions, it is important to get the proper keywords to be able to get a better result in SEO. It must be relevant, the keywords that you need to use are the ones related to the content only, this adds value to all the information in the website. Always ensure that the website is user-friendly, engaging and easy-to-navigate for the satisfaction of the users.

Remember, search engine optimization involves careful analysis of what is not only trending but what is being exactly searched to give the best results of what you want people to look at. It still is one of the highest returning investments you’ll ever make.

Content is King! This may be a cliché’ already in the world of advertising and marketing, but still, it stands true to its core. SEO is dependent on content, this is where SEO draws its ability to score or rank in the search engine. Publishing relevant content, created specifically for your intended users, is the number one driver of your search engine rankings since it increases site traffic, which improves your site’s authority and relevance.

So how can you properly use a keyword in creating a SEO-enabled content? Make a rundown of the relevant keywords and use them strategically in the content. Make sure to them a few times all through the page. The strength or density of the keywords depends primarily on the number of times it was used against the total number of words in the content.

Remember to always be careful in injecting the keywords in every sentence of the content, there are keywords that will not make any sense or meaning, make sure to use them properly or observe keyword proximity-or the distance between the set of keywords. Make sure to use the individual words in a sentence or two but those set of keywords must not be too far to each other when used.